Official Album Junior ESC 2020

The Official Album of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 features all twelve presented songs.


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Official Album Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020 (12 tracks, 1CD)

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Track List

1. Belarus
Arina Pehtereva, Aliens

2. Germany
Susan, Stronger with you

3. Spain
Solea, Palante

4. France
Valentina, J'Imagine

5. Georgia
Sandra Gadelia, You Are Not Alone

6. Kazakhstan
Karakat Bashanova, Forever

7. Malta
Chanel Monseigneur, Chasing Sunsets

8. The Netherlands
Unity, Best Friends

9. Poland
Ala Tracz, I'll Be Standing

10. Serbia
Petar Aničic, Otkucaj

11. Russia
Sofia Feskova, My New Day

12. Ukraine
Oleksandr Balabanov, Vidkryvai