Official ESC 2020 Tribute CD

The Official Eurovision Song Contest 2020 double CD is a tribute to all Artists and Songs. The album is featuring the songs from all 41 countries!


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This package includes:

  • Official Eurovision Song Contest 2020 Tribute CD (41 tracks, 2CD)
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Track List

CD 1

1. Albania
Arilena Ara, Fall From The Sky

2. Armenia
Athena Manoukian, Chains On You

3. Austria
Vincent Bueno, Alive

4. Australia
Montaigne, Don't Break Me

5. Azerbaijan
Efendi, Cleopatra

6. Belgium
Hooverphonic, Release Me

7. Bulgaria
VICTORIA, Tears Getting Sober

8. Belarus
VAL, Da Vidna

9. Switzerland
Gjon's Tears, Répondez-Moi

10. Cyprus
Sandro, Running

11. Czech Republic
Benny Cristo, Kemama

12. Germany
Ben Dolic, Violent Thing

13. Denmark
Ben & Tan, YES

14. Estonia
Uku Suviste, What Love Is

15. Spain
Blas Cantó, Universo

16. Finland
Aksel, Looking Back

17. France
Tom Leeb, Mon alliée (The Best In Me)

18. United Kingdom
James Newman, My Last Breath

19. Georgia
Tornike Kipiani, Take Me As I Am

20. Greece
Stefanίa, SUPERG!RL

21. Croatia
Damir Kedžo, Divlji Vjetre

CD 2

1. Ireland
Lesley Roy, Story Of My Life

2. Israel
Eden Alene, Feker Libi

3. Iceland
Daði Freyr, Think About Things

4. Italy
Diodato, Fai Rumore

5. Lithuania
The Roop, On Fire

6. Latvia
Samanta Tīna, Still Breathing

7. Moldova
Natalia Gordienko, Prison

8. North Macedonia
Vasil, You

9. Malta
Destiny, All Of My Love

10. The Netherlands
Jeangu Macrooy, Grow

11. Norway
Ulrikke, Attention

12. Poland
Alicja, Empires

13. Portugal
Elisa, Medo De Sentir

14. Romania
Roxen, Alcohol You

15. Serbia
Hurricane, Hasta La Vista

16. Russia
Little Big, Uno

17. Sweden
The Mamas, Move

18. Slovenia
Ana Soklič, Voda

19. San Marino
Senhit, Freaky!

20. Ukraine
Go_A, Solovey